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I was a volunteer freelance writer for several SB newsletters, including Insights into Spina Bifida, the national newsletter published by the Spina Bifida Association of America. Until recently, I was Tenant Advocate for Anixter Village, an apartment building in Chicago, IL designed specifically for adults with Spina Bifida to learn independence skills. I'm also a member of my local Spina Bifida Association. And the Owner and Moderator of sb_adults on Yahoogroups Click Here

Formerly, I was Commissioner of the Baltimore County Commission on Disabilities, a member of the Transit Riders League, a member of the Citizens Planning and Housing Association, and appointed Delegate to the National Spina Bifida Association of America Conference in 2002. 

I have been asked to speak to med students at Johns Hopkins University about Spina Bifida.

At the ripe old age of 37, I already have gone through many life changes. I lived with my parent until the age of 24. Then was married and lived with my husband until our separation and divorce in 2001. During the separation period I lived with roommates.  Now I live independently (with very little assistance) in Chicago with my cat Sabrina.



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